Independence Day -2021



The 75th Independence Day was celebrated in Sree Cauvery School with great enthusiasm & patriotic fervour. Lt. Col.Vivek Muthanna , Vice Chairman, KSEC was the Chief Guest on this occasion. He unfurled the tricolour flag along with Mrs. Monica Michael, Principal of Sree Cauvery School, Indiranagar. The spirit of nationalism was displayed through a spectrum of patriotic songs.

The Chief Guest spoke about the various sacrifices made by our army and instilled in us a sense of pride and love for our country.

Let us remember all the martyrs who laid down their lives for the freedom of our country. Let us today take a vow to spare no efforts to take India to greater heights. Let us strive to make our country a safer and better place by following the principles and values taught by our great leaders. May our Indian tricolour always fly high.

October 25, 2021